Important Notice on Mold Testing…

The presence of certain mold and mold spores in housing can result in mild to severe health effects and can deteriorate the building materials in the dwelling resulting in structural damage. Health effects include, but are not limited to: asthma, allergy symptoms, watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, sinus congestion, blurry vision, sore throat, dry cough, aches and pain, skin irritation, bleeding of the lungs, headaches, memory loss and fever. As humans vary greatly in their chemical make-up, so does the individual reaction to mold exposure. For some people, a small number of mold spores can cause ill effects. In others it may take a longer exposure.
Unless indicated on the Inspection and Warranty Order Confirmation form, a mold inspection HAS NOT been ordered and WILL NOT be performed. Concept One strongly advises Realtors to discuss this notice with the Seller and Buyer and to order a mold in home environment inspection and test from Concept One or any other accredited inspection service.
Concept One recommends, assuming a building does not have visible evidence of mold, that an air quality test be taken and the minimum standard for the test be according the building size.
We recommend that an additional indoor air sample be taken for every 500 sq. ft. over and above 1,700 sq. ft. of space.
If you have further concerns,
please, Email Us